Personalizing Education

Welcome to the personalized experience!  As we begin our journey to personalize education for all students, every day we invite you to follow along, leave comments and grow with us!  To start, we want to provide opportunities to inform our students and parents about what personalized education is and why we are moving in this direction. We will inform you through blogs, emails, Q & A sessions, and one to one meetings.

Personalizing your child’s education simply means that we will provide a platform in which your children will learn the content in a rigorous, meaning-full way through projects, one-to-one mentoring, and a learning plan that is personalized for every student.

We are moving in this direction to meet the needs of our students.  Everyone learns differently.  Personalizing education to meet the needs of our students gives our kids a chance to move at their own pace and learn how they learn best by choosing the mode of delivery.  We will see high levels of engagement and student agency (ownership of their learning).  Students will acquire deeper understanding and skills through student agency. Student agency will help prepare our students for the skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century!

Welcome to the future of education at Camp Ernst Middle School!

7 thoughts on “Personalizing Education

  1. This is awesome! Personalized learning will allow students to learn at their own pace and master topics. No longer being moved along if they are not ready. Thank you!

  2. How does this work for kids that are going into advanced classes, like algebra I. .? Will this enable the child by challenging him or hinder him by not having the opportunity to have that class now?…

    • There is an Algebra I curriculum. Our students will continue to be challenged and personalized learning will enhance their educational experience by meeting their individual needs.

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