Teaching in a Modern Classroom~Love, Mom

With the school year drawing ever closer, I am excited to have not only my own children exposed to the personalized learning of the Summit Basecamp curriculum, but my 8th grade students as well.  This new and innovative curriculum is finally taking education into the 21st century and truly differentiating instruction based on individual student’s needs.  Not only are the software components outstanding, but the resources available are rigorous and academically profound.  Boone County schools and Camp Ernst Middle School are joining other states in implementing a learning process which will put us at the forefront in educational curricular design.

How will personalized learning benefit my student?  Believe me when I tell you it will.  My daughter who currently attends a district high school has been in the gifted and talented program for many years.  This type of personalized learning design allows students to take ownership of his/her learning and broaden the scope of his/her academic careers.  She would have had the benefit of knowing which style of learning she preferred and choosing the path which best suited her needs.  For certain, she would have had an opportunity to explore in greater depth a number of subjects and content areas.  Had she been struggling in any area, she would have had the time to explore those concepts in greater detail with her teacher.

This is where the teacher is now able to take on a more effective role.  I will become a facilitator of learning rather than merely giving instruction on information. Students will take ownership of their learning, and I will provide them with the support that they individually need.  With this new curriculum, I will be able better ascertain where students excel and where they could better benefit from my careful mentoring.  Research continually supports this type of classroom and environment.  How exciting that we are using it in our school!

Do not be alarmed, Parents.  I can assure you this is where education should have been a decade ago.  Classrooms are going to look different, as they should!  Teachers are going to have to teach differently.  We cannot teach our information age students with antiquated instructional techniques.  Our students at Camp Ernst Middle School are distinct individuals who demand an educational program that meets those specific needs.  I only wish that my daughter who is a senior would have had such an opportunity!

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